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Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, legal services and business advisory for companies and institutions

Sigeon IP Legal Services

We offer comprehensive legal advisory services in all aspects of business activity, with particular emphasis on intellectual and industrial property law, civil law, company and corporate law, commercial transactions, mergers and acquisitions, labour law, cooperative law, and financial law.

We provide ongoing legal support as well as advice on commercial transactions and negotiations. We support our Clients in making strategic business decisions and their realization, but also in ongoing affairs and daily operations. We assist our Clients at every stage of litigation, including pre-litigation and conciliation, as well as pursuit of the claims and debt recovery. We represent Clients before common and administrative courts, administration authorities, and other entities.


We advise on all legal aspects relating to intellectual property, in particular copyrights and derivative rights, industrial property rights, data protection, protection of business secrets and know-how, protection of image and personal rights as well as transfer of technologies.  We assist in all matters related to intellectual property rights protection, management and transaction. We advise on choosing the most suitable intellectual property rights’ protection strategy, preparation and negotiation of agreements, and implementing new technology solutions. We conduct legal IP due diligence and identify potential risks that may arise in connection with the execution of IP rights. We advise in all matters related to combating unfair competition, including unfair advertisement and protection of marks and appearance of products. 

Our team of qualified and experienced patent attorneys and legal counsels supports our Clients in disputes over trademark protection rights infringement, and conducts litigation proceedings on annulment and breach of exclusive rights (i.e. trademarks, patent rights, industrial design registration rights). We advise and litigate taking into consideration not only the legal background, but also business conditions and potential risks. 

We help our Clients resolve the most complicated legal issues relating to their operations, bearing in mind various business conditions. Thanks to our comprehensive knowledge as well as understanding of specifics of a Client’s business, we are able to identify the best solutions, tailored to the Client’s needs. As a result, we deliver practical advice aligned with our Clients’ business goals and ensure safe and effective business development.

Intellectual property

We advise on all legal aspects relating to protection, transfer and management of intellectual property rights. We help with the choice of an intellectual property rights’ protection strategy, preparation and negotiation of agreements, and implementing new technology solutions. In particular, we advise in matters related to copyrights and derivative rights, industrial property rights, data protection, protection of business secrets and know-how, protection of image and personal rights as well as represent our Clients in the scope of pursuing claims.

The scope of our services includes:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating agreements related to intellectual property, 
  • counselling on all aspects related to copyright law, in particular advisory towards eliminating the risk of infringement of rights,
  • conducting legal audits of the rights held (IP due diligence),
  • identifying legal risk connected with the trade of IP,
  • protecting of database,
  • protecting against infringements and combating unfair competition, in particular within the scope of advertisement, a breach of trade secret and goodwill, protection of marks and appearance of products,
  • protecting of image and rights of a natural person,
  • advising in all matters connected with advertising, in particular in the process of creating and production of advertising campaigns,
  • advising in all legal matters related to IT, including agreements and implementation of IT solutions,
  • drafting documents and legal assistance in the process of implementation of solutions relating to intellectual property management and commercialization. 


Startups, SMEs

We offer comprehensive legal services suited to the needs and requirements of startups and SMEs at different levels of their development. We provide legal services both to the companies already active and those planning activity and investment in Poland. We advise on the selection of the appropriate legal structure for a business, as well as protection of intellectual property rights and negotiations with investors.

The scope of our services includes:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating transaction documents (NDA, term sheet, investment agreements, partners’ and shareholders’ agreements),
  • advising on choosing the proper form of operating and/or investment in a startup or SME,
  • preparing company for due diligence (vendor due diligence) and conducting legal due diligence with particular emphasis on identifying the risk associated with a target company (purchaser due diligence), 
  • day-to-day legal assistance.

Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)

We offer comprehensive legal advisory at every stage of M&A transactions, from the stage of due diligence through preparation and negotiation of the entire transaction documentation, representation before the authorities, to transaction closing and the post-transaction stage. 

The scope of our services includes:

  • advising on acquisition and sale of companies and organized parts thereof, acquisition and sale of stocks and shares
  • advising on companies’ mergers, divisions and acquisition transactions, 
  • legal due diligence preparing a company for sale or take over (vendor due diligence),
  • legal due diligence including identifying contingencies and risks that may arise out of the purchase of a target company (purchaser due diligence),
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating of documentation for the formalization and execution of transactions (LOI, partners’ and shareholders’ agreements, joint venture agreements, shares sale agreements, as well as corporate actions related to transactions),
  • advising on companies’ transformation and restructuring.


Employment law

We provide comprehensive legal advice on individual and collective employment law. We prepare and negotiate employment agreements, their amendments, and termination both for employers and employees. We advise employers on employment restructuring and group dismissals. We represent both employers and employees in proceedings concerning employment law matters.

The scope of our services includes:

  • advising on all legal aspects of employment,
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating employment and managerial contracts,
  • preparing and assistance in implementing internal regulations, including labour regulations, salary regulations, etc.,
  • assisting employees and employers in terminating legal relations,
  • advising on matters related to mobbing and audit of the existing Client’s solutions and regulations for possible infringements of employees’ rights,
  • advising on restructuring of employment, including assistance with group redundancy procedures.


Litigation and disputes in industrial property 

We successfully conduct negotiations to resolve any disputes in an amicable manner, along with litigation concerning industrial property.

The scope of our services includes:

  • conducting proceedings before the Polish Patent Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) and the European Patent Office (EPO), including the opposition procedure and proceedings on the annulment or expiration of exclusive rights – patents, utility model protective rights, rights arising from additional protective rights (SPC), rights under registered industrial designs, trademark protection rights, 
  • conducting lawsuits before administrative courts, i.e. Regional Administrative Courts (WSA) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) in the scope of intellectual property rights 
  • conducting lawsuits before regional courts, appeal courts and the Supreme Court regarding infringement of exclusive rights and internet domains,
  • conducting lawsuits in commercial and criminal cases.

Company law

We advise Clients on corporate matters related to the internal affairs of companies and their ongoing corporate activities. We support our Clients at all stages of business activity, from the setup phase, through negotiations of trade agreements to ongoing advisory during their operations.

The scope of our services includes : 

  • advising on selection of an appropriate legal structure for a business and providing comprehensive legal assistance with setting up the chosen business entity,
  • setting up companies,
  • preparing and reviewing corporate documents: statutes, contracts, regulations (including acts regularizing the internal operations of the company),
  • changing the share capital and other amendments to the articles of association and statutes,
  • ongoing legal assistance to company bodies,
  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating partners’ or shareholders’ agreements,
  • advising on company transformations, mergers, liquidation, and bankruptcy,
  • lrepresenting the parties in the corporate disputes,
  • advising within the scope of liability of the companies and their bodies, as well as protection of rights and interests of partners/ shareholders,
  • advising on compliance matters, including an audit of the present solutions and regulations as well as creating of and amendments to the internal regulations.


Commercial transactions

We offer legal assistance to our clients both in the process of negotiating and entering into capital and commercial transactions as well as their execution, debt recovery, and pursuit of claims. We give opinions on agreements, assess legal risk related to the agreement conclusion and advise the best solution. 

The scope of our services includes:

  • preparing and reviewing commercial contracts, as well as other contracts executed in the course of the company’s ongoing operations,
  • participation in negotiations and assistance in concluding, changing and termination of contracts, 
  • withdrawal, annulment and avoidance of concluded contracts,
  • pursuing claims resulting from the contracts,
  • preparing standard form contracts (including regulations and standard terms and conditions),
  • advising on contractual liability of the parties to the contract.

Litigation and arbitration

We support our Clients at every stage of litigation and administrative proceedings, from a pre-litigation stage to debt recovery and pursuing claims. We represent the Clients during the mediation and settlement negotiations, as well as before common courts, the Supreme Court, the Supreme Administrative Court and arbitration courts.

The scope of our services includes:

  • representing parties during the settlement negotiations and mediation,
  • conducting lawsuits before common courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • representing Clients in proceedings to ensure claims and enforcement proceedings,
  • proceedings before other state administrative authorities, including assistance in the process of obtaining permits and/or concessions published by government or local government administrative bodies,
  • advising on bankruptcy proceedings and recovery.



As we are keen on sharing our expertise and knowledge, we offer our Clients a chance to participate in a range of training courses – prepared according to the Clients’ needs and requirements and addressed to a target group (management, directors, employees of different qualifications). The training program is developed in close cooperation with the Client, according to the needs and level of expertise of the target group.

We offer training courses in the following scope:

  • copyrights and other intellectual property rights (in particular practical use of copyrights and other intellectual property rights, scope and conditions of copyrights protection, principles of liability for infringement of intellectual property rights, transfer of intellectual property rights),
  • company law (including procedure, formal requirements and practical aspects of convening shareholders meetings and general meetings, liability of members of the company’s bodies)
  • employment law (including securing employer’s interests and minimizing the risk of litigations associated with the employees’ claims, including claims resulting from termination of cooperation and claims for mobbing and discrimination).

Patent and Trademark Attorneys

IP protection in Poland and in Europe. Inventions, design and utility models, trademarks, validations, patent searches, IP due-diligence

IP Business Advisory

Commercialization of early-stage technologies and projects, market analyses for innovative solutions, feasibility studies, strategic IP advisory and management


Comprehensive approach to IP protection and commercialization of innovative solutions in BioMed and Pharma sectors