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Protection of intellectual and industrial property rights, legal services and business advisory for companies and institutions

Sigeon IP is a practice of Polish and European Patent Attorneys

We believe that the key to a successful cooperation is a full understanding of problems and needs of our Clients, which can only be achieved through close partnership. We thus start our cooperation by defining the needs and goals, which allows us to propose the best solutions tailored to the expectations of our Clients.


We represent Clients before the Polish Patent Office (PPO), European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).



We provide a full range of services related to industrial and intellectual rights protection which include preparation and conduct of patent applications, utility models, industrial designs proceedings and registration of trademarks in Poland and abroad. Thanks to our extensive network of partners across the globe, we support our Clients not only in Poland, EPO and the EUIPO, but effectively in all other countries and territories.

Our experienced team provides professional assistance in the procedures of validation of granted European Patents and in the process of obtaining provisional protection before the grant with the Polish Patent Office, including professional translations of European patents, under the supervision of a patent attorney.

We perform comprehensive patent searches, including freedom-to-operate (FTO), patentability analyses, state-of-the-art searches, and issue professional opinions for the purposes of patent applications and fundraising.

We advise on strategic issues related to the commercialization of innovations, and perform IP due-diligence. We have participated in the development of several companies by planning their IP strategy and securing their technologies with IP rights.

Our patent attorneys and legal counsels represent parties before the appropriate courts, as well as in connection with the infringement of exclusive rights, opposition and invalidation proceedings.

We also offer support in all proceedings regarding infringement of exclusive rights, copyrights and disputes related to unfair competition.

We carry out changes in the registers of patent offices related to the transfer, sale of industrial property rights, change of the name or address of the applicant or right holder.

We also support our clients at the pre-trial stage of the dispute, in particular by conducting negotiations and mediation, and helping to find a settlement solution to the conflict.

Together with business and technology transfer advisors, we support the process of technology transfer and licensing of intellectual property rights, as well as prepare relevant contracts.

We are an experienced and unique team of specialists related to the protection of intellectual property, legal services for entrepreneurs as well as commercialization, investments and implementation of innovative solutions in the pharmaceutical, medical, biotechnological, chemical, nutritional, cosmetic, agricultural, electronics, mechanics and IT industries.

Obtaining and maintaining industrial property rights

We assist our Clients in obtaining exclusive industrial property rights for

  • patents for inventions
  • trademarks
  • utility models
  • industrial designs
  • supplementary protection certificates (SPCs),

by precisely identifying the subject of industrial property, and subsequent preparation of patents, trademarks, utility models, industrial designs application, through filing application or registration requests with appropriate institutions – the Polish Patent Office (PPO), European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) or internationally with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), subsequently supervising the proceedings by the relevant office to obtain and maintain exclusive rights, including:

  • monitoring the renewals, paying fees for renewing exclusive rights in Poland and abroad
  • in case of assignment of rights, license agreements, amendments regarding the entitled party
  • we assist in recordals of changes, registering them and making amendments in the registers of Patent Offices in Poland, EU, and internationally.



Patent searches and opinions

Patent searches are designed to determine if there exists protection or information of technical solutions similar to the subject solution and to determine the scope of such protection. The results of a patent search are helpful during the processes of drafting a patent application, development of a new technology, management and development strategy for IP. The conclusions obtained on the basis of a patent search often allow for avoiding unnecessary expenses incurred for R&D of the project, or for compensation costs for the owners of the infringed rights.

In a fiercely competitive markets, commonly used patent protection of implemented inventions requires entrepreneurs to possess an ever-increasing and current knowledge about protected technical solutions. Such information may be useful in decision-making, especially at the stage of a new project development and introducing new product or technology to the market. Therefore, the team of patent attorneys at Sigeon IP offers our services in searching and providing expert opinions relating to:

  • state-of-the-art searches,
  • patentability searches for inventions and utility models which evaluate the chance of obtaining a patent and minimize the risk of finding prior-art which can be used against patentability,
  • freedom to operate searches (FTO),
  • patent landscape opinions,
  • checking the legal status of the third party rights in particular territory,
  • determining the scope of protection defined by exclusive right to avoid the risk of infringing,
  • searching and monitoring the competitors’ activities and technology development directions,
  • we specialize in searches in the broad field of life sciences, including biotechnology, chemistry, human and veterinary medicine, pharma, food or agriculture industry.



Professional assistance in obtaining exclusive rights for patents, utility models, trademarks, designs in Poland, EU and other countries

With our excellent knowledge of the meanders of law and years of practical experience, we have been successfully:

  • handling all types of procedures before the Polish Patent Office (PPO)
  • handling patent procedures before the European Patent Office (EPO)
  • conducting registration proceedings in Poland (PPO), the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), and worldwide (WIPO) for trademarks and industrial designs
  • handling international patent application procedures (PCT) and continuations thereof in national and regional phase worldwide.



Validation of granted European Patents in Poland

Our experienced team provides professional assistance in the procedure of validation of granted European Patents and in process of obtaining provisional protection before the grant with the Polish Patent Office.

Poland is not a part of the London Agreement, thus, in order to validate a European Patent in Poland, a Polish translation of the EP granted patent must be filed with the Polish Patent Office.

The ultimate scope of protection conferred by a granted patent depends on translation, so the accuracy of translation is of particular importance for us.

The European patent validation services offered by Sigeon IP Patent & Trademark Attorneys are provided by a specialized team of patent attorneys, specialists and highly-qualified translators having a long practice in making technical translations. Our many years of experience in validating European patents before the Polish Patent Office allow us to provide:

  • professional service of validation of European patents in Poland,
  • professional translations of European patents, reviewed by a patent attorney,
  • filing the required documentation, paying the official fees and handling all formalities during the validation process.


Consulting in intellectual property, support in technology development and transfer of rights


Our team at Sigeon IP offers our Clients a comprehensive advisory in the field of intellectual property protection:


  • development of an intellectual property rights protection strategy with a special focus on the patent strategy,
  • identification of intellectual property rights that may be protected and the way to protect such rights (know-how, patents, trademarks, utility models industrial designs, copyrights),
  • support in decision processes of obtaining protection by patents and infringement clearance searches during a commercialization of product or technology,
  • assistance during industrial property rights transfer, reviewing technology transfer contracts, preparation of license and technology transfer agreements, assistance during drafting contracts with investors, including confidentiality agreements,
  • optimization of cost of intellectual property protection,
  • support during the development of a new technology and transfer of rights,
  • support during the development of intellectual property rights for SMEs, start-up companies, R&D departments, universities and scientific institutions,
  • development of an international protection strategy for industrial property rights,
  • conducting IP due-diligence,
  • comprehensive support in IP management.

Litigation, infringement, invalidation in IP

Sigeon IP conducts proceedings related to invalidation and infringement by third parties of exclusive rights, i.e. patent and utility model rights, trademark protection rights, rights from industrial design registration. We also support our Clients in cases in which claims are brought against them due to infringement of third party rights. Our team of experienced patent attorneys and legal counsels analyzes potential threats and the legal situation in order to offer the best advisory and conduct litigation. Patent attorneys and legal advisers at Sigeon IP successfully:

  • lead opposition, revocation and invalidation proceedings regarding exclusive rights – rights for patents, SPC, utility models, industrial designs, trademark before the Polish Patent Office, European Patent Office (EPO), European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO),
  • conduct lawsuits before administrative courts in Poland, i.e. Regional Administrative Courts (WSA) and the Supreme Administrative Court (NSA) in the scope of intellectual property rights,
  • conduct lawsuits before regional courts, appeal courts and the Supreme Court regarding infringement of exclusive rights and internet domains,
  • represent parties during the settlement negotiations and mediation,
  • draft Warning Letters as well as answers to such letters relating to infringement of exclusive rights.


Legal services

Comprehensive legal services in all matters related to industrial and intellectual property, commercial, and civil laws, M&A, and litigation

IP Business Advisory

Commercialization of early-stage technologies and projects, market analyses for innovative solutions, feasibility studies, strategic IP advisory and management


Comprehensive approach to IP protection and commercialization of innovative solutions in BioMed and Pharma sectors