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Sigeon IP Business Advisory

Sigeon IP supports the commercialization of early-stage technologies and projects. Our experts possess both an extensive business experience and a strong scientific background in the fields of biological, chemical, medical, pharmaceutical and veterinary sciences, food, and cosmetics. Using our thorough understanding of early-stage projects and innovative technologies, we can recommend suitable market niches and IP protection strategies for novel products. We support individual inventors, project teams, scientific institutions, technology-based companies, and R&D departments of innovative companies and investors.


We also help foreign entities from the broad biomedical industry in initiating and conducting R&D activities in Poland, and establishing cooperation with Polish universities, research institutes (public and private) or technology-driven companies.

We offer market analyses for innovative solutions, commercialization strategies, feasibility studies including a business plan, product/technology development plan as well as technology valuation. We help in fundraising for R&D from public (grants) and private (business angels, seed funds, VC, PE) sources. We support Clients at the stage of building project teams, offer brokerage of consultancy from industry experts, and support Clients in establishing new business contacts needed for R&D and economic cooperation.

For capital and corporate investors, we offer a comprehensive assessment of planned new investments (technological, legal, IP), together with a risk assessment and analysis of the current investment portfolio covering the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical sectors.

For foreign Clients representing biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical industries, we offer support in the development of R&D projects in Poland (with support of public money) and assistance in the establishment of cooperation with Polish research institutions.

Commercialization of early-stage projects – R&D planning and execution

Having experience in planning, conducting and managing scientific projects, we support our Clients in R&D aiming for product development or faster market entry. We work with individual inventors, project teams, scientific institutions, R&D departments of innovative companies, investors on the level of a single project.

The scope of our services includes:

  • review of research results in terms of commercial potential,
  • analysis of R&D programs in terms of product development,
  • mentoring and management of R&D programs along with ongoing verification of research plans,
  • building expert teams for planned R&D execution,
  • support in technical problem solving by industry expert brokerage,
  • gathering scientific and business partners to R&D projects,
  • assistance in fundraising for R&D projects (e.g. grant writing, pitching).

Commercialization of early-stage projects – market analysis, business planning, and fundraising

Our expertise in various scientific fields allows for a good understanding of the technology behind the product. As a result we support our Clients with accurate assessment of economic potential of single projects as well as project portfolios. We work with individual inventors, project teams, scientific institutions, R&D departments of innovative companies, and investors.

The scope of our services includes:

  • analysis of business potential of early-stage projects/technologies,
  • support in building project rankings based on commercial potential in relation to market trends,
  • market and competition analysis for novel products,
  • building business plans and market entry strategies,
  • identification of the optimal commercialization path,
  • investment dossier,
  • intellectual property valuation,
  • innovative technologies valuation,
  • identification of potential technology partners and capital investors, and further support in negotiations,
  • assistance in fundraising from both public and private sources.

IP management

We are aware of the importance of intellectual property protection in the development and commercialization of innovative products. Therefore, we offer IP management services for projects requiring interdisciplinary knowledge and cooperation of patent attorneys, lawyers, business advisors, and industry experts.

The scope of our services includes:

  • identification of intellectual property assets (know-how, patents, trademarks, copyrights),
  • IP due diligence for innovative projects and products,
  • support of decision processes in the light of IP protection of the invention and competitors patenting activity,
  • preparation of State-of-the-Art Search, Freedom to Operate (FTO) and Patent Landscape Analysis,
  • legal opinions and assistance in industrial and intellectual property rights trading, as well as preparation of draft technology transfer agreements with potential subcontractors,
  • risk analysis related to patentability and competitors patenting activity,
  • cost optimization for intellectual property protection,
  • building an international patent protection strategy,
  • adjustment of the IP protection strategy to the company development strategy,
  • preparation of an internal IP policy, protection of confidential information, guidelines, rules and regulations based on the Polish law on the management of IP rights and commercialization of R&D results, as well as assistance in their implementation.

Support for Investors – technology and early-stage project assessment

Our advanced services in project assessment include technology verification based on scientific and business principles, and are aimed at supporting investors searching for projects from the bio-medical field or already having such projects in their portfolios.

The scope of our services includes:

  • initial screen and verification of projects for the portfolio,
  • building projects rankings,
  • due diligence of the project/technology,
  • verification of the proposed:
  1. Business plans,
  2. R&D plans,
  3. Product development plans,
  4. Product niches,
  5. Project teams,
  6. Patentability and IP protection strategy
  • building relations with industry experts needed to solve a technical problem,
  • multi-level risk analysis related to the technology behind the product,
  • verification of the patent protection strategy for portfolio projects,
  • feasibility studies.

Patent and Trademark Attorneys

IP protection in Poland and in Europe. Inventions, design and utility models, trademarks, validations, patent searches, IP due-diligence

Legal services

Comprehensive legal services in all matters related to industrial and intellectual property, commercial, and civil laws, M&A, and litigation


Comprehensive approach to IP protection and commercialization of innovative solutions in BioMed and Pharma sectors